[randombloodbath]: 159.PROJECT X.XA

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2006-05-28 09:02:05
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Just a test
Free for private usage
little taste of things to come....

2006-05-28 Dea: awesome!

2006-05-29 randombloodbath: fanx!! just a start of the next chapter in my new project.... just warming up the tubes now to start writing some more \m/

2006-05-29 honey bunny: Ya did it again Tim. Love it \m/

2006-05-30 randombloodbath: thanks Linda... really looking forward to digging right in with this project. fun fun!!

2006-08-21 pixie_shimmer: This was fun! But too short! :P

2006-08-28 randombloodbath: hehehe i kno...just really odd how ive been doin stuff lately.. but look out for more soon... got5 another project under way.... should be good!!!

2006-08-28 honey bunny: cant wait to hear it

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