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2005-05-31 [Tyrana]: Do I think I belong here?

2005-05-31 [djxmonster]: I dunno, do you think you belong here? :P

2005-06-01 [pixie_shimmer]: omg omg! answering questions with questions!

2005-06-01 [djxmonster]: Hehe :)

2005-06-01 [pixie_shimmer]: obviously none of us feel like we shoudl be there :-P

2005-06-01 [TheRogue]: If you are donating any kind of service at all to help MM, you should be here. IMHO

2005-06-01 [Hedda]: Bah! Put up your names, you lazy people! ;-)

2005-06-02 [pixie_shimmer]: I dont think Ihave donated any sort of service....

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