Writing problems

Post nr: 2963
Author: Hedda Posted: (5191 days ago)
Subject: Do you need some pressure to record? (Texts: 4 )

http://www.rpmchallenge.com/ is arguing that you should record an entire album during February.

What if MusMakers join this trend and if you do manage to record and upload 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February, you'll get featured on Main until next year.

Can any MusMaker record that much?


Post nr: 2540
Author: rosario (New name: Rosario Dreams) (Rosario Dreams) Posted: (5639 days ago)
Subject: Copyrighting (Texts: 5 )

How Do I Copyright My Songs??? Is there a way fo doing it for free?? *UK LAW*


Post nr: 2353
Author: Kileaiya (out of tune) Posted: (5720 days ago)
Subject: a little help... (Texts: 4 )

I need a some critiscm on a song I am working on called Scourge. If anyone could take a look and tell me what you think it would be much appreciated. It's current status is unfinished.


Post nr: 2026
Author: UnicornisAlba (excited about all this new music) Posted: (5767 days ago)
Subject: feedback wanted (Texts: 1 )

Please could some people listen to some of my songs and tell me what you think. I've had some feedback, but I'd like some more, please.

There are four categories, and in each one the earliest song is at the top, and the latest at the bottom.


Post nr: 1585
Author: Citrus Posted: (5777 days ago)
Subject: My song (Texts: 3 )

I just typed up this song "blinded" and I want some opinions...would someone look at it and tell me what they think via prviate message?


Post nr: 823
Author: Gooseberry (Give us your fekk'n money!) Posted: (5789 days ago)
Subject: Songwriting (Texts: 16 )

what does everyone start with? I keep trying and failing, writing first everything seems to end up as spoken word on a three cord rut :(
music first?


Post nr: 818
Author: Gooseberry (Give us your fekk'n money!) Posted: (5789 days ago)
Subject: Learning the guitar (Texts: 65 )

My friends bought me a classical guitar for my birthday a little over a year ago now, and I have been reading off tabs and learning a few chords for a bit of senseless strumming, and can write some basic stuff by trial and error, but as a play a few other instruments I just feel that I have no idea how to play this thing at all. How exactly should one start learning to play fingerpicked guitar?

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