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Wanna Play That Song?


Here is a list and description of tablature and music sites recommended by Musmakers members

Bass Guitar Tablature
Tablature written by MusMakers members for the Bass Guitar. A vast range of styles to patch the person who posted it.

Guitar Tab Universe
An easily navigated site with plenty of tablature and chord progressions from all genres. Newest additions are listed on the main page, as well as the 50 most popular tabs.

A site recommended especially for beginners. Some songs have a midi file available for listening and every song has picture diagrams of the chords used in the song. You can also view the song in different keys, though you have to sign up for membership to do it more than once.

OLGA:The On-Line Guitar Archive
One of the most popular sources for guitar tablature. Quite a large database of songs!

GuitareTab! -
Simple site, fairly self explanatory. Most popular tabs are on the main page, and you can use the search engine to see if they have the tab you want, or browse alphabetically.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive - - Recommended by [Patricio]
Navigated just as easily as other tablature sites. There is a great selection of tabs for all types of music. Section for Top 100 Tabs.

MXtabs -
Huge tablature site, for guitar, bass guitar and drums. There often is more than one tab for each tune, so you can choose whichever one suits your playing style best. However, keep an eye out, the quality of some of the tabs is iffy. Overall good site, I use it often.

Bob Dylan Archive -
Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, it seems pretty silly to put up a tab archive of a single artist, but when their back catalogue consists of about 40 albums, and well, it is BOB! Mostly chords with accompanying lyrics (and their variations), some tabs (mostly for fingerstyle tunes). 

All Tabs -
A random smattering over banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and dulcimer. Not a bad place if you want to try some classical tabs (anything by JSB seems to work well on frets) or some more traditional dance music.

Free Piano Sheet Music -
A site, free to sign up, where piano players across the globe can share sheetmusic and even whole books of artists etc. Completely legal site. E-mail people or simply make a request on their page, and start trading music.

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