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Written about Sunday 2006-07-16
Written: (4891 days ago)

and today, nothing happened, first time im on here since long time, and nobody even left me a message! im dissapointed in you people :P

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Written about Monday 2005-12-26
Written: (5092 days ago)

okay, next problem.. last week i went to some gig, and there was a nice mosh pit
normally i dont have problems with it, being knocked down (im used to it, my face is for other people at elbow-height)

so.. i fell down, but my hand landed on some uncomfortable substance, called "pieces of broken glass".

and ive peeled out some pieces already, but everyday im starting to worry more, that something might be left behind, in my hand.

and playing bass with glass in your hand, tearing it open from the inside, is NOT NICE!

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Written about Friday 2005-11-04
Written: (5144 days ago)

oh and today, i found out...all my gear is black!

now i feel kinda pushed to making black metal.


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Written about Friday 2005-10-07
Written: (5172 days ago)

today...the weekend started!
and does anybody know how to sleep without waking up, soaking in sweat? it kinda scares me..
but the weekend.. it started today!

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