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Written about Tuesday 2006-10-31
Written: (4731 days ago)

In related news to the previous post, my song "One of a kind" (which can be found in http://www.musmakers.com/1.One%20Of%20A%20Kind%20Acoustic%20Vocals in a version with vocals and guitar by me O_O ) was censored last rehearsal. They said it's too long :P I had to cut part of the intro and part of the bridge. Evil bandmates!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-10-31
Written: (4731 days ago)

About:Blank's zillionth first rehearsal

About:Blank is a project that started back in 2003/2004 (i'm not sure of any of the dates in this diary entry, so treat them as guidelines, not laws :P ). The base of this harcore/punk/pop project was (and still is, essentially) yours truly in guitar (and sometimes something that kinda looks like something that tries to sound like back up vocals) and Francisco UPMA in voice. Originally we played with a girl named Dalia in bass guitar. That lasted something like 4 rehearsals, distributed in something like 5 months. After that we got a drummer (Fede)... and we lost Dalia.
The beginnings are a little foggy, actually. I'm not sure, but we may have had another member for a couple rehearsals. I know that the first drummer we contacted never showed up the first time we were going to get together and that was the end of our relationship.
During the end of 2004 and begginnings of 2005 we rehearsed several times (something like 6 or 7 times, I think) without bass player. Just me, Fran and Fede. Some of the songs we did (we were playing 7 or 8, i think) can be found in Prelude to Crazyness.
Then, we lost Fede. He's life hasn't been easy. His mother died when he was very young and his fahter commited suicide a few years ago. We almost didn't know him outside rehearsals, so we don't know so much about his history, but he probably tried to commit suicide (plus having some drugs or alcohol problems) so ended up in an institution. We visited him there a couple times and the idea was to keep rehearsing, but after he left that place it was impossible. We lost contact for a while and that was the end of AboutBlank at the time (I talked with Fede a couple weeks ago. His living with his uncle and going to church. Strange how life changes you and you change life).
Considering that there was not a lot to do with ABoutBlank, I tried (along with a friend named Ariel who, I remember now, rehearsed a couple times with AB too) to form another band during the second half of 2005. We were quite succesfull in that we manage to get a bass player and a drummer. We also managed to rehearse around 6 times during the end of '05 and the first 3 months of 06. We had some good songs (a little too much rock'n roll for my taste, but ok) and all. Then we lost contact for different reasons for a while and Ariel decided to start playing with another band. Also, he decided that he didn't want to see Victor (drummer) because he reminded him too much of his ex-girlfriend. Thus, the band named Zoophia was dead (one or two songs of those we were playing in Zoophia can be found in www.musmakers.com/1)
From the first moment I had it pretty clear that Zoophia was my last shot at having people to play with. So after it dissolved, I kinda quit and not even tried to make new songs. For a while...
Couple months ago, the temptation was too strong. I talked with Fran and asked if he wanted me to ask Victor (Zoophia's drummer) if he wanted to play with us. He did and I asked. And Victor also wanted to play. We got together, decided that it wasn't the most important project for any of us, but that we wanted to play and that we were going to rehearse every 2 weeks or so. Just for the fun of playing, not to play in front of people nor anything like that. We agreed in all that and rehearsed 3 times. We were still one bass player short of a dozen.
So, why am I counting last saturday's rehearsal like the first one in this new (and last, 'cause I'm not going through the pain of getting new members again) stage? Because I borrowed my godfather's bass guitar and Fran's trying to play it at the same time that he sings. Therefore we are "complete".
I've been writing a few new songs and we are also playing the old ones ("Prelude To Craziness", "As Seen On TV", for example). I'm also singing a couple of them O_O (Yes, it's horrible). In any case, we are doing it like we want it: without any pressure and just for the sake of strumming a little now and then.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-05-24
Written: (4891 days ago)

New song added. Opinions accepted.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-09-07
Written: (5150 days ago)

Can somebody rate one of my songs? At least, give it a bad mark (personally, I don't think any of them deserve a 1, but a 3 would be ok). I just want to see something (yeah, i could ask Hedda, but I'm in one of those self-teaching stages).

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