[exmember8]: 100.BLEEDERS Song 2

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2007-04-13 11:26:36
crappy song, bleeders
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all for you
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another experimental music for my BLEEDERS project. let's say Linkin Park/RATM influence song.... agian.
a weeks of sleepless night mixing until satisfed for this result.
i tried putting doulble pedals on every guitar break at the 04.10 to 04.21 but sounds like a heavy metal fusion. ^_^'
well, felllow musmakers, i hope you like this one.

2005-08-22 exmember8: thanks! ^_^

2005-08-23 Hedda: It's cool! ;-)

2005-08-23 exmember8: thanks a lot!
i would like to do a mix version of a song that is techno remix at the start the soft rock at the end.... like 2 songs in one if i ever had a chance.

2005-08-23 adeletedband: I can also hear it fine - well made it sounds amazing. :) Especially the voice it's kind of droney (I think that word's made up) - but I like it all the same.

2005-08-23 Moonknight: The intro kicks ass,this has some many great things and some things I really find horrible (not being aggressive, just a matter of personal taste) the vocals are cool until they become saturated and over distorted, I think the shouting ruins it, it would sound infinitely better if the vocals were clean always and not sung with such death metal distortion. the instrumental track is quite excelent though.

2005-08-23 exmember8: finally, a feed back i've been waiting for. i'm expecting that. it's not called and experimental sort of thing for nothing. \m/ how about 100.experiments.experimental band: BLEEDERS

2005-08-26 pixie_shimmer: *someone had turned pixie's computer sound off and she was too daft to figure it out ;-)*

hehe *^___^* I actually really like this :P I like the shouting though - except for the fact I cannot understand what is being said. I woudl not know what to do about that...except practice shouting legibly :D the speaking part for me, is probably a bit quiet?
I love the music :)

2005-08-26 exmember8: thanks!

the shouting part is:
Feel my pain
Diggin' inside my vein
Makes me want
Makes me want to define
What I feel for you.

2005-08-26 adeletedband: *shakes head* Pixe ;P

2005-09-12 Sir. Robert: Another impressive work of art!

2005-09-13 exmember8: thanks a lot!
i would love to play the keyboards too ^^

2005-10-12 pixie_shimmer: *^_^*
I listened againnn!
It reminds me more of Seether than Linkin Park though <3 It is catchy ^_^

2005-10-12 exmember8: :D

2005-12-22 Orestez: Uber Sick! \oo/

2005-12-23 exmember8: thanks!

2005-12-30 exmember6: here too?! no msic file?!

2006-01-06 Orestez: I might be able to do a techno remix. Do you have the individual tracks?

2006-09-14 honey bunny: I am glad you nominated this one axe...this song hits hard

2006-09-14 Harmless: Yeah! ROCK! i dig the groove, it sounds heavy. never been a big fan of screaming though, and i'm glad it doesn't go on throughout the song, it would've ruined it for me. but enough of that, it's good stuff, really!

2006-09-14 Harmless: too bad i had to crank up the volume so much in order to actually hear the song...

2006-12-11 jonatan: cool song... a bit to soft for my taste but good production.

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