Should it always be legal to copy music for private use?

* Yes.
* Yes, but not to spread it to others.
* No, at least not from someone else.
* No, all copying is stealing and should be illegal unless the maker allows something else.



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From: Hedda
2005-10-09 17:09:53


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Is anybody there?

Date: 2011-10-10 00:46:45
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Reporter: djxmonster
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Musmakers Collaboration Competition

Hurray! A new contest to bring some action into this community! We all know that Musmakers has a lot of really talented members, and now, it's time for you to show that you're one of them.

But not alone...

Show us how well you can work together with each other ;-)

Musmakers Collaboration Competition

Update: It's still not too late to enter!

Date: 2006-03-13 16:12:43
News #: 7
Reporter: Janouk
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It's our favourite little dark snail, [Keyshika]! We're featuring the first song she ever created, though she assures us that she has new and better ones hiding away somewhere! Don't forget to encourage her to upload them!

Snowflakes is a pretty, melodic tune - sometimes sweet, sometimes haunting. We must of course thank bands like Pain of Salvation, Opeth and Nightwish for influencing [Keyshika] in her musical endeavours.

Enough chit-chat! Go and read the full interview at Featured Song - 136.Snowflakes and listen to the song!

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Date: 2006-09-22 10:54:35 Featured song #: 5 Mod: pixie_shimmer
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