Name of the forumDescription
Newbie questions
Here you can ask questions about how to use this site. Stupid questions are welcome, but please let people have fun with your stupid question without getting upset. Please read through the FAQ and help.html before asking!  
Site bugs
Here you can report errors or missing features on this site.  
Writing problems
Here you can discuss how to make music interesting and how to improve yourself. It's OK to beg people to listen and comment on your work, but please write a sentence about what it is, so that people can see if it's something that interests them.  
Music Theory
If you know what a G-fiss is, then you need this forum.  
Advertise here! Almost anything that has to do with music is welcome.  
Here you can ask about the members on this site or ask for someone to help you do something or where to find such people.  
What programs, computers and tools to use and how.  
Your genre sucks!
This is the place to write that you despise a genre or defend it from accusations. Guess what: Such postings aren't allowed in the other forums.  
My song and I
This is a social forum where you can talk about yourself, others and your problems and joys.  
If you want to write something that people probably have no interest in reading, then use this forum.  
I'm lost and don't know what forum to use
If no other forum fits, then use this forum!  

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