[sloman]: 127.A familiar

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2005-07-27 17:01:10
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A familiar
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Old tune put up just to see how the site works really, will put up more soon. would be interested to see what people think from a personal and proffesional point of view though.

2005-07-28 Tyrana: I love this so much...
I can't give you much of a professional view, but I can tell you that it sounds wonderful. I love the clips of speech, and the rhythm, and... wow...

I eagerly look forward to more.

2005-08-01 caldervalium: He's pretty good, isn't he?

2005-08-04 -M: Pretty darn cool.

2006-08-18 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Sweet, I really dig this. Love the the backwards piano/synth and guitar stuff. If you haven't yet try some backwards drums as like an intro or something. Are these all samples you got from somewhere? Or did you record them yourself?

2006-09-18 Harmless: this is very, VERY good stuff, man.
i'm thinking K&D, Thievery Corporation, stuff like that...

2007-03-01 Spiral Dragon: Hmm... I think this is my favorite out of your songs. It's really cool! Very relaxive.

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