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2006-01-30 02:31:34
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2005-10-13 exmember8: how come you're not here when i'm here? *cries desperately*

2005-10-14 honey bunny: i am so sorry

2005-11-10 UnicornisAlba: that's sweet

2005-11-18 exmember8: you here?
you can't read my messages so, i leave this one here:

i missed you
i hope you're still online
i long for you

2005-11-18 honey bunny: i am here...i will go to yahoo

2005-11-18 exmember8: i missed you again by....64 minutes

2005-11-19 honey bunny: i get tired of seeing a few minutes betwen us..makes it even harder

2005-11-19 exmember8: *pouts* i know, my love.
but soon we will be together forever.

i miss you.
i need you.
i long for you.
i love you.

2005-11-20 exmember8: i miss you, my love.

i love you very much

2005-11-21 honey bunny: and i miss you also

2005-11-21 exmember8: [Hedda] said taht it might be that you blocked me.

click the show block button and see if it is.

2005-11-21 honey bunny: yea i just figured that how the hell did that happen????? and did you see what hedda did to my page?????

2005-11-21 exmember8: yes
i saw that.

did you put it back?

2005-11-22 honey bunny: no i am not gonna cause crap on here now the other places i would

2005-11-22 exmember8: i miss you so much
didn't you saw the problems why you can't see my messages to you?

2005-11-22 honey bunny: i can see them now

2005-11-22 exmember8: whew.

2005-11-22 exmember8: i hope this time you can read this.
i only ask one last conversation so i can go on peacefully with or without you.
i can go on, i just need to hear your voice. i am begging you

2006-04-11 Dea: lovely couple! *giggles*

2006-09-13 Harmless: oh please! get a room!

2006-09-13 Harmless: kidding! I love LOVE! :-D

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