[Orestez]: 22.Rhellyn

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2006-10-10 02:38:10
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I started this song a long time ago for a friend, got stuck for a good while, but fortunatly musical creativity prevailed and now its done! Enjoy [Ellyn]

2006-10-11 Ellyn: I love it.
I love you.

2006-10-11 Orestez: I'm stoked that you likey! *huggles*

2006-10-11 Ellyn: Of course I do! It's perfect. Plus, you made it for me, so I'm going to love it by default. But I would like it anyway. You're so talented. :)

2006-10-11 Orestez: I don't know what your voice sounds like so I created the vocals based upon how I always pictured you sounding.

2006-10-11 Ellyn: It is actually pretty right on the money.
I was thinking about that when I was listening. I thought it was my voice, but then I remember I'd never talked to you before. : )
Good job.

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