[left over culmination]: 70.Leftoverculmination.Vintage.Stumble

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2005-06-13 01:04:16
Song/Album title:
Nearly finished
Free to play
Hmmm... Lyrics

I stumble all the way, mumble what I say, Wile the vodka takes effect.
A roll in the hay can clear a rainy day and I decide this timing is perfect

I stumble on and the feelings gone
Though somethings wrong I carry on
This on goes out to those who shared a drink with me.
This one goes out to those who fell from the FR tree.
This one goes out to My friends and my love.

I can tell by the way she walks down the street she's so sweet, so sweet.
I can tell by the way she looks at me she's my destiny, my destiny.


Bate me, take me, chain my heart to the floor.
Fold me, scold me, I come back, and I will ask for more.
bend me, brake me, Into Your personal Cloth
Use me, Drape me over your hard heart.
Tumbling, I fall, Downward into this hole.
Clinging, Climing I crawl back into the light.
I Drink, and I smoke and I love all for you.
I numb, I calm, I feel Nothing.


2005-06-09 Rolo: amazing record!

2005-06-11 Hedda: Ah! Nice! Can we have some lyrics?

2005-06-12 left over culmination: Sure, I'll try to post those soon.

2005-06-13 Hedda: Whee! Lyrics! ;-)

2005-06-14 Beating ♥ Baby: I love it!

2005-06-14 Patricio: It really sounds great. I can imagine headbanging :P

2005-06-14 left over culmination: Thanks It is one of our more upbeat tunes. we normally go for a little darker sound.

2005-07-21 minifer: i like that song...tis rlly good...sorry i cant think of a more inventive compliment..

2005-07-28 Rolo: jenius with a J

2005-08-05 left over culmination: Thank you

2005-08-13 Kileaiya: Nice.

2005-09-11 exmember8: good work! i really like the rhythm. IT ROCKS! \m/
btw, what effect did you use for the intro?

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