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2005-11-02 19:46:29
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Hello! Thanks for stoping by!

My name is Michael [Savage~Spirit], and I need someone who is familar with music production. I would really like for someone to take the acappella song that I recorded, and add a beat to it. If you would like to step up to the challange, then please let me know! I will be forever greatful! If you would like to do it, just post a comment, and get to!

* You may alter the song in any way, cutting out certain vocals, stretching, speeding up, chopping the vocals to coincide with a certain beat structure...whatever you like. Its up to you! I am up for complete artistic freedom.

* You can also add vocals to the background, or sing along if you like, but I still get credit as the original!

* You can make as many different versions as you like. Have fun!

Although I cannot offer you any 'prize' for doing this for me, I will sing your praises to any and everyone who will listen, and I will make sure [if you so desire] that my cool new song will be heard by as many people as possible. lol! I would offer to do the same for somebody else's song..but sadly, the music program, that I used [acid 4.0] is no longer with!
You may also use the instrumental song on my page...if you find something fit to sing with the long as I get credit for supplying the beat. lol!

The songs:

166.Weak (Instrumental)
-The instrumental to the song below. the two did not go together, and so they stayed apart. The beat sounds erotic...which was not intended.

166.Weak_acappella(finished version)
-What happened after spending 24 whole hours playing with the music program acid 4.0. The soung is exceptional due to the fact that I had never recorded a whole song before with backing vocals, and all that good shit. My only voice with this song is that it doesnt sound "dark" enough...

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2005-11-07 [djxmonster]: Hmm... I'm always up for a challange! I too use Acid 4.0 (WONDERFUL program...) I can't say how quickly I can do something (thanks to work and school) but I'll tinker around with it as soon as I can :)

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