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The Angry Chicken Devil (Check out the link under mypic for some SuiCyanide)

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Name: John Solis

Band name: SuiCyanide


This is a picture of me playing my Bass with my band......

One of the two guitarists and my best drinking buddy.......Ketin......

I'm a bass player from waco texas.....slayer rules ass......My band SuiCyanide consists of bass, me, guitars, Bo Duarte and Ketin, Vocals, Cody Bujard, drums, Chris Collier.....yeah that sums it up......

The Band:
Bo Duarte - guitar/soloist
Matt Barnett - guitar/technical work
John Solis(me) - bass/party planner
Chris Collier - drums/bums
Cody Bujard - vocals/ladies man
Dan Trimble - vocals/santanist

Team Suicide(our road crew):
Rocky aka Cheetor
Mary Robinson aka Chicka
Haley Bujard aka Little One
Trent aka Skill Saw
Jared aka the Driver
(All Members Of Team Suicide are subject to nick names from the band)


Age: 18Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 15

Gender: male

Work: None

Place of living: Waco

Known languages

heavy metal

bass guitarguitar

Idols: SLAYER!!!!! Tom Araya, Bass player and vocals...what a guy.....

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