Post nr: 2970
Author: Hedda Posted: (4810 days ago)
Subject: Music making on Linux (Texts: 1 )


Post nr: 2291
Author: hedda (New name: Hedda) Posted: (5452 days ago)
Subject: Writing together... (Texts: 6 )

I've been thinking of that next week when I hopefully have more time and no one disturbing me, I could try to sing some noice to an innocent MusMaker's instrumental track.

I'm just wondering if someone else has tried this and what program you where using, and how the quality came out?


Post nr: 2183
Author: hedda (New name: Hedda) Posted: (5476 days ago)
Subject: (Texts: 3 )

Does anyone have a clue about ? Do you see something there, that you want on MusMakers?


Post nr: 2121
Author: Moorn Posted: (5485 days ago)
Subject: Audacity (Texts: 2 )

Well, I've got Audacity now and I'm really impressed with it's abilities. I am having one small difficulty, though... anytime I try the noise removal function, I get a clearer sound that ends up with background noise throughout. It sounds kinda like water going down a drain with a flange effect hooked up to the pipe. Any thoughts?


Post nr: 833
Author: Haziel Posted: (5512 days ago)
Subject: technology help (Texts: 7 )

ok i have just joined this forum, and would like to get the most out of it, maybe just by letting people hear my feeble attempt at playing guitar or whatever (I haven´t got any pretentious ideas), but I have got this big issue... I don´t know what to do to record what i play into my computer, yep I dont have a clue about it, so any suggestions, from the simplest idea, will be highly apprecieated

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