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Author: Hedda Posted: (5191 days ago) Previous in thread: 2964 by BlackDogg
Subject: Do you need some pressure to record?

Well, the idea is not to make 35 minutes of good music, but to record music, and of course make it as good as possible. Sometimes you get stuck in something because you're trying to making it better and better, but you don't realize that you're just making it worse or that you're just stuck.

Not that it's the general case, but it happens. So this would be a good excuse for you to record stuff that you don't think is that great right now. Then you hopefully realize that the song is crap and you can stop working on it, that it can be a very good song if you only work on it a little or that it's just perfect as it is now.

In software engineering we call this release often - release quick. It's much better to release crap, than to to work on crap for years. And sometimes the crap turns out to be pretty good.

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