[Sir. Robert]: 143.Full Orchestra

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2006-05-17 05:59:54
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Orchestra Start
Missing components
This is the begining of a song written mostly for strings...I hope to draw it out to 10 or so minutes and see if it still sounds good! I sat and plugged for 2 hours for this first 49 seconds of the song, Enjoy! ok...next few seconds added (up to 1 minute 14 seconds twords my 10 minute goal)

2006-05-13 Sir. Robert: ...thats just the way my mind works o_0 cant help it :P For the most part, all I do is write down the low whole notes first and start fitting in the quarter notes and finally stick the moving line of eighth notes on top...and the last thing I do is make sure the chords bring you somewhere and not leave the phrase at a dead end :) ...though I wish I could write down some of the things I can hear in my head!

2006-05-14 Tyrana: It's pretty! I love it!
I know how it is, too... I'll find myself at the computer writing and re-writing for hours, and then realize I have about ten measures of music I'm only partially satisfied with. ^_^

2006-05-15 Sir. Robert: I just keep writing..I never really plug away at spots for more than 5 minutes. After I hear the measure before the one I'm creating I can hear what I want next and It usually goes down without thinking...

2006-05-17 exmember5: it's lovely. for the moment it cleared up my thoughts. thanks for uploading that

2006-05-17 honey bunny: I like that alot..funny was watching a butterfly outside the window as i listened..it seemed to be flying with the song

2006-05-17 Sir. Robert: Thanks again :) I'll keep plugging...I personally think I butchered that last 5 measures :S

2006-05-18 Emily June: I think it sounds pretty good! I like the beginning a bit more than the ending, but I think it is pretty awesome what you can do! And I enjoy listening to it several times, which can never be a bad sign ;)

2006-05-19 Sir. Robert: ...I think I found the problem! The ending sounds weird because I made the bass line have a melody and put the other two as harmony without keeping one voice on quarter and half notes...in other words everything is moving! (back to the drawing board)

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