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2005-08-30 03:09:11

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My second song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My third song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My 4th song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My 5th song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My 6th song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My 7th song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.My 8th song

[Sir. Robert]: 143.MOYD

[Sir. Robert]: 143.Full Orchestra

[Sir. Robert]: 143.Solo (it never entered my mind)

[Sir. Robert]: 143.Solo (it never entered my mind)2

[Sir. Robert]: 143.Sometimes stuff just comes out

[Sir. Robert]: 143.Midi Bass Experiment

Song/Album title:
Fast Melody
Just a test
Just something I plugged into a midi program...reminds me of some melody from something but I cant quite place it.

2005-08-30 Tyrana: SWEET! I like it! Reminds me of a clock...

2005-08-30 Sir. Robert: Thanks!

2005-09-04 exmember8: i wish i can play like that!

2006-04-17 honey bunny: i like that..

2006-09-07 vaselessuedirect: excellent. I love it. It's like some lost windows bit when you open a program or something. Bloody genius though.

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