[OVERTURE]: 154.My Atomospheres.Earth and Sea

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2005-11-21 16:34:34
Earth, sea, Earth and Sea
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Earrth and Sea
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I spent a lot more time on this one then the rest of the ones I did, I am proud of the outcome, too me it has a *J-Jazz* feel. I was always a big fan of J-Jazz and it inspires me to do more.

*J-Jazz is a form of jazz that is made in japan hence the letter J before the word Jazz J-Jazz stands for Japan Jazz

2005-11-22 honey bunny: hey this is truely awesome...you can tell you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it

2005-12-05 OVERTURE: thank you

2007-10-02 IanGraham: Dunno if you will ever read this. It seems like all this is long past but, hey, I'll try. A really tight, sophisticated sound. Really well put together. It kinda reminds me of something - not in tune but in feel. I suspect it is Merry Christmas Mr Laurence. I stress again - not the tune but the feel of it. Top marks to a top talent!

2008-01-08 OVERTURE: Thanks.

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