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OVERTURE  Songs  (1 new song!!!!!!)

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Name: Henry Thomas

Band name: Overture


FL Chan!

I am a solo instrumentalist I am not part of any band but I am good at doing "rap beats" and R&B I am currently working on a new genre of music that crosses Jazz with Dance, Classical with R&B and Dance with R&B. I feel I have done a lot with music experienced it all except porn grooves.

I have a new alias and it's name is "Overture"

r&b/pop/folk/jungle - Hateshiganai/ D'Lite
rap - Hateshiganai/ D'Lite
Jazz/jungle- N¡gh†ƒa££ (Hateshiganai)
Dance/Techno/House/Grunge/jungle- Hateshiganai
New Age/jungle- Hateshiganai
Metal (all forms including death metal Zombie metal, Heavy metal ect.) - Hateshiganai
Goth- Hateshiganai
Synth- Hateshiganai
Hybrid- Hateshiganai/ D'Lite
Jpop/Jrock - Hateshiganai (Hateshiganai means Eternal)

Below are some of the songs Ive done they are all clickable and will take you straight to the song you selected.

My most Recent songs:

154.New Way.Douride Nakitsuranihachi

My older songs are here:

154.New Way.One Winged Angel

154.New Way.Diamonds in the Sand

154.My Versions of Other folks music.Melange

154.My Versions of Other folks music.Song of Storms

154.Overture.Truth In your Lies

154.Jazz Types.4th Dimension

154.Jazz Types.Eye Vision

154.Jazz Types.J FuZiOn

154.New Sounds from yours truely.Bossanova Nuevo

154.New Sounds from yours truely.L O N

154.My Versions of Other folks music.Hiru No Tsuki

154.Dance Themed Songs.Clean Vs Dirty (RM)

154.New Style.Journey X

154.Samples of whats to come.Tenshi No Hi

154.Samples of whats to come.Yesterday and Tomorrow

154.Dance Themed Songs.Quiet Curves

154.My Versions of Other folks music.Real Folk Blues

154.New Style.Undercover

154.New Style.Before the Operation

154.New Style.Egypt

154.New Sounds from yours truely.Matte

154.hip hop.Summer Times

154.New Sounds from yours truely.Do Ray Mi

154.New Sounds from yours truely.rock.ffkk

154.Truth Seer Series.Truth Seer (Zen The Wise)

154.Truth Seer Series.Truth Seer (The Protector)

154.My Versions of Other folks music.Linkin Park Fans.From The Inside

154.Truth Seer Series. Truth Seer (The Melody)

154.New Sounds from yours truely.rock.Consciousness

154.Welcome to Heaven

154.Game Based Music.Mario 64 Dire Dire Docks

154.Game Based Music.Sudeki.China Clouds

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Hiroshima

154.My Atomospheres.When Time Stood Still

154.My Atomospheres.Smooth Ride

154.My Atomospheres.Earth and Sea

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Hiroshima

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.G G and D Remixed

154.My Atomospheres.N¡gh†ƒa££

154.My Atomospheres.My True Love

154.My Atomospheres.My True Love (Redux)

154.My Atomospheres.My True Love(Redux)(FAST)(XT)

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Freeze

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Our Life In Trance

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Opener

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Animated Violence

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Dazed and Confused

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Green Granite and Diamond

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.Inerjize Me

154.Hybrid.Hybrid Theory.No Choices

154.Blood Tears and Sweat




154.Club Midnight Part 1

154.Club Midnight Part 2

Information about me and my genre of music called Hybrids These links will take you straight to the document even though it says music file its really a .doc file.

154.About Hybrid Genre and Me.Hybrid

154.About Hybrid Genre and Me.Mystic Profacy

Age: 25Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 28

Gender: male

Work: Student in Digital Media Design...aka Animation

Place of living: Raised in Texas

Known languages

adult popalternativeblues
eurodiscofolk musicgoth
grungeheavy metalhip hop
housejazznew age
operapopprogressive metal

bass guitarkeyboardpiano

Idols: I admire Gackt, Utada, Ayumi, Shin (DeG), Toshi (DeG), Die (DeG)

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