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2006-11-11 14:54:48
Fukai Fukai Kurai Kurai
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Fukai Fukai Kurai Kurai (Craziness)
Free to play
Fukai Fukai Kurai Kurai means Deep, Deep, Dark, Dark. Its codenamed Craziness.

I will tell you why I named it the way I did if you ask.

2006-12-11 Orestez: I like this...and I have freaking clue why either...fucking nice!

by the way, you need to mix this down a little better, your bass and treble levels are way to high

2008-02-21 OVERTURE: I didnt even bother to mix it down

2008-03-12 Orestez: It sounds like FL Studio VSTi synths

I'm sure if you mixed it and maybe added a little bit of square bass here and there you could have a kick ass game or music soundtrack song.

2008-06-30 OVERTURE: it is. I recreated some of the FL STUDIO 6 (at that time I have 8 now) synths and what have you. Dude i have no clue where you are but I am tired of everytime I come on Im the only one here lmao anyway that's my way of asking for a collab. lmao

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