[OVERTURE]: 154.Truth Seer Series. Truth Seer (The Melody)

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2006-10-26 02:28:35
Truth Seer (The Melody)
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Truth Seer (The Melody)
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Truth Seer (The Melody) I didnt really plan on having lyrics to any song I make but I kinda couldnt Help it for this song. I only got one part so far and that's the chorus.

       Truth Seer The Melody

Chorus: <br>

When I think about the things in our world. I try to think of it in musical terms.

Just as if I'm the Melody you must be my Harmony.

2006-10-28 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: As ussual your arrangements are good and theres some sweet sounds and good arrangements (love the acoustic guitar)

but your intros are too long and i find myself wanting to skip ahead past the intro and just get to the song. Try to stay away from patterns of 16 measures and stuff like that mix it up so you play something for 4 measures then theres an 8 measure break down and then its something cool for like another 6 with a 2 measure bridge into something else. You know what I mean haha

2006-10-28 OVERTURE: ...nope ya lost me -- laughs-- Im kiddin. Gottcha I understand. Thanks for the info and advice ^_^

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