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2005-12-14 19:03:07
Dead End Rewind
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Nearly finished
Unknown Subject has renamed to Dead End Rewind ....we found our subject XP

2005-10-01 exmember8: ^_^
i like the music even if it is toooooooo short :P
i guess, everybody was having funther... even the camera man->who can't stand still! lol was there a mosh pit?

2005-10-02 Dickie*: there were seats >__< and a dead crowd. except for the camera man :)

2005-10-02 exmember8: i thought that everyone was trying to sing along with you guys. :(

2005-10-03 Dickie*: noo...you should not go to Dutch schools for a wild crowd.. then you'd better try a club :P

2005-10-03 honey bunny: what i heard i liked but the camara man got we a weee bit sea sick

2005-10-05 Dickie*: i think he drank more than our band altogether :P

2005-11-07 pixie_shimmer: OMG OMG....
I used to play a song that had a bassline VERY similar! ^__^
and yay...I wish more people would upload videos :D They are fun!

I would have moshed to you, if I was a few years younger too \m/

2005-11-07 Dickie*: its almost the same bassline as The Cranberries-Zombie, but dont tell them! i dont have money to buy the rights :P

and we like making videos of us in the practise room, so i guess there will be one again soon :P

2005-11-08 pixie_shimmer: yes yes, I noticed that ;)
We played that song in the band too xDDD

yayyy! make it so we can see everyone next time! :P

2005-11-08 Dickie*: we would need somebody to hold the camera then XP and the room is actually too small for that... my mega-amp takes up too much space muahaaaa

2005-11-09 pixie_shimmer: sit on the amp! :P That is what I used to do ^_^
and thenn, someone could sit on your shoulder, and the signer could sit on one of the guitarists shoulders ^_^ easy fixed!

2005-11-09 Dickie*: uhmmm im afraid im not as strong as you might think i am... i would collapse :P

2005-11-10 pixie_shimmer: *giggles* It would be an entertaining music video :P

2005-12-26 Dickie*: and it would be our last..

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