[randombloodbath]: 159.PROJECT X.X&Y

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2006-05-17 05:07:49
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Nearly finished
Free for private usage
99% COMPLETE.....

2006-05-17 exmember5: i think it's awesome

2006-05-17 exmember6: you think it's awesome? i think it's great!

2006-05-17 honey bunny: you did it again random...tis great

2006-05-18 randombloodbath: thanks guys :) its a side project ive started witg a good friend of mine who plays bass. cant wait to lay down some more tracks!

2006-05-19 honey bunny: can't wait to hear them

2006-08-21 pixie_shimmer: <3
Beautiful ! The music was awesome, wasn't expecting vocals, but they're good too :D It sounds so professional to my ears

2006-08-28 randombloodbath: sweet thank you :) you werent expecting how they sounded? or that they where there at all?

hahah thanks thats the best part...cause it was all done at home :)

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