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2006-01-14 23:43:01
debby sunrose talk stalker
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The stalker girls song. heh ( [Sunrose] )
recorded at home on my computer like all the other tracks.

The singing is crappy but I'll record better vocals eventually.

Thanks for the participation [Sunrose] ^_^

January 7th 2006 UPDATE: New version, still not happy with the vocals but meh,.

please let me know what you think. :D

Copyright Santiago Pinto 2005

I've seen you look at me
It's so clear, it's you I always see,
I too I've been looking at you

Your face is an ilussion creating a shockwave in my heart,
Watching you, watching me,
All the time

You never say a word
you only touch and go
You crashed into my world
Like a raging thunder

(Don't talk) Talk to me
Don't wanna wait forever for contact
(Don't talk) Talk to me
You're making a conmotion in my heart

And it seems I want you
I'm not sure, not sure I do
Wonder while I think of me and you

Your thought is mere confusion
Splitting my heart appart
Life is ambiguous delussion

I never say a word
Don't wanna touch and go
You crashed into my world
Like a raging thunder

(Don't talk) Talk to me
Don't wanna wait forever for contact
(Don't talk) Talk to me
You're making a conmotion in my heart

2005-06-14 Moonknight: Gay bar?..hhmm,. it wasn't really the idea :P

uh yeah, you know, Debby Guest appearences make the cd much more popular ;)

not to mention when we make the video clip, haha, I hope you don't mind appearing on tv :P

2005-06-14 Hedda: Then she must wear a MusMakers.com t-shirt!

2005-06-14 Sunrose: LOL! It's been a long time ago since you mentioned that :P

2005-06-14 Moonknight: wow, that's actually a very nice idea Hedda :D

2005-06-14 Hedda: That idea has been around since the start. But it takes someone to actually make it happen.

2005-06-15 Moonknight: Well, I will see if someday I can make it happen then ;)

2005-06-27 UnicornisAlba: wow, I wish I could do this sort of thing, I know how to sing and play guitar a bit...I thought it sounded very complete, and I like it a lot :-) is it really all synthetic? how do you do that?

2005-06-29 Moonknight: thank you, I have a Yamaha PSR 640 keyboard which has a lot of voices and very high quality sound, plus a good computer and the right software ;) and a lot of work :D

2005-11-12 honey bunny: oh it is great...yea i really like this

2006-01-10 Orestez: Woot! Go Debby! Rockin song Santiago! \oo/ \oo/

2006-01-10 Sunrose: lol :P

2006-01-10 Moonknight: haha, thanks :)
She should appear on the video clip too :P hehe

2006-01-11 Orestez: I'd buy that DVD! lol

2006-01-12 Sunrose: *^^*

2006-01-20 pixie_shimmer: TALK TALK talk to meeee *^_^*

2006-01-20 Sunrose: lolol :D

2006-03-20 zoloftzantac: omg! *stalks [Sunrose]*
I didn't think "gay bar" at all till I read the comments ... :p The vocals sound good, good job guys.

2006-03-21 Moonknight: I still have no idea what that whole gay bar thing is about.

2006-03-22 zoloftzantac: 'Electric 6' has a song named "Gay Bar". There is a very silly video someone chopped togther of George W Bush and Tony Blair singing it to each other.

google "gay bar" and bush

2006-09-14 Harmless: good stuff, though you might wanna work at the balance between instruments. to my opinion the guitar is a bit too loud in comparison with the drums, but still, good stuff. a nomination for "best of..." is in order. absolutely...

2006-09-14 Moonknight: thank you :)
yes, all the songs need work still :)

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