[Orestez]: 22.Get Heavy

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2005-07-17 20:31:06
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You guys want heavy?...Check it!
This is track 6 from my first album Digital Neptune....old school...

2005-06-28 Hedda: Damn, people are sleeping here, so I can't put it on load volume.

2005-07-21 pixie_shimmer: ^__^
I like this one a lot...
I like the knocking noise, and mmm heavyness ^__^
Also, it ends cool-like :P

2005-10-06 honey bunny: to cool...like it

2005-11-01 Rosario Dreams: very techno old school!! AWESOME TUNE, for some reason reminds me of Rammstein - Frier Feur!!

2006-02-17 randombloodbath: cool dude i really like this sound you got goin.

2006-02-17 Orestez: Thanks bro!

2006-08-23 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Woah, this is sweet. It's alot like Pitchshifter which is like the only hardcore band I ever listen to. Keep it up dude.

2006-10-09 The Blue Violinist: I don't usually like that type of music, but you rock!

2006-10-09 Orestez: I'm glad I could produce a bit of ear candy for you. *bows*

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