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Rosario Dreams (Rosario Dreams)

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Name: Rosario


Rosario Dreams

Rosario Dreams


The Nazi movement acted to kill all jews within Germany, Belgium and many surrounding areas, one stereotype going after another in search for bloodshed simply because of one difference.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) specifically went out to kill all blacks in America, one stereotype attacking another, because of one difference.

Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, violence encouraged through typical family means, from Father to Son, all because of one difference of creed.

It takes one difference to provoke hostility, one similarity to spur companionship, so what can it take to eliminate this issue that differences the two?

Chav is the new cult.

Stop it.


I may be Catholic but I am never alone
I may get down but hes always around
If I lose someone, I know that they are waiting
I have something, thats not worth your debating!


My name is Matt, I am known as Ro.

I am 3/4 English and 1/4 Indian, and write lyrics for my own band called Rosario Dreams. I am the vocalist and songwriter, Peter on the drums and Nathan on guitar.

I'm a fun-loving, relaxed, laid back guy who loves to have a laugh! So if your looking at my profile, leave a message!

I am looking to write for any group or band of any genre in any style. Listed below is my current index with an extract of 4-6 lines each. Please understand that all of these are under copyright!

If you are interested please leave a message.

1.Let me be yours

Let me hold your heart
Let me open your eyes
I will show you the stars
Watching from the skies

2.Burns may heal yet my scars remain

You started that fire deep in my heart
Love that burned and tore me apart
You hurt me before and cut me down
You did it again and broke the bounds
I tried to forget you; I tried in vain
My burns may heal yet my scars remain


Stranded on a desert island
No sign of Humanity
Red-hot sun beaming down on me
As I Search for my sanity


Yesterday I cried
My heart and life was torn
But yesterdays gone by
Today I am reborn

5.Never let love in the way of sense

Never let love in the way of sense
Never be blinded by the false intense
No one is who they seem to be
Lust defies reality

6.Easy way out

What is life? If I’m not living?
What is Choice? If there’s always doubt?
What is the point of living this lie?
Why don’t I take the easy way out?


You’ve left this Earth
But not our hearts
You remain with us all
Memories of past

8.Who's Perfect?

Looks which catch the stranger’s eye
Come out of your world and stop living this lie
Your life is superficial, a lie, a con
Yes your perfect but you’re the only one.


If I were to never age
Living the same life,
On the same page
There’s no one who
I’d rather be with.
Ur my Tinkerbell


Who has the right to decide?
Whether we live or whether we die
Forcing families to say goodbye
Why do you take the innocent lives?

11.Someone to talk to

The simple belief of the man upstairs
Gives us hope and delivers prayers
Ears to listen, hearts to care
Forever open, always there

12.Angel in Disguise

When you look up in the sky
I can see you wana fly
I know deep down you wana cry
Reality, you wana die
I can see this in your eyes
For I’m your Angel in disguise

13.Love hurts

If I could, I’d give you the world
Just so you’d never feel lost
If I could, I’d give you the stars
So beautiful, Name the cost

14.Living life for the now

Daring things I’ve never done
Pace so fast, I can’t run
Heart is beating so hard and fast
Want to make this feeling last

15.I'll be there

If you’re ever down, I will see the signs
If you feel bound, I will take the time
I’ll lift your spirits; I will make you see
I’m always here for you; I will set you free


I took you for granted, didn’t know what I had
But now that you’re gone, I miss you so bad
It hurts to think I did that, especially to you
But if you let me, we can start over new

17.Train Delayed

The signs change from ‘On Time’
They change to delayed,
The trains running late,
The knowledge is hazed

18.Time heals

Feel all your troubles
Come rushing back to you
You can run from burdens
But cannot escape the truth

19.Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Do you see me lying?
Will you let me be?

20.Gods hands

We come to those in need
We offer help and aid
Lets destroy poverty
And have these debts repaid

21.Don't give up

For there’s light out of every tunnel
For there’s hope to pull you through
All the parts of the abstract puzzle
Begin to make sense to you

22.Candles burning

These flames burn eternal
Hopes of meeting you again
The heat of this inferno
We pray for you, Amen

23.A thousand miles apart

We see the black Night
We watch the same moon
A thousand miles apart
Can’t wait to see you soon

24.Say goodbye and move on

Look deep within you
Find the voice calling you
Ask yourself questions
And you will hear the answers
From me…

25.Lost@Rosario Dreams

But the spirit of the past
Lives inside of me
The spirit I followed last
That spirit, it is me

26.Dream@Rosario Dreams

A dream is a world with no bounds
Where impossible is nothing
Whatever you seek shall be found
Take this dream and make it something

27.Turn on me

When time is tough and seems to have no end
The ones that stick by you are your true
The people who were there before, vanish
without a trace
Without my friends I’m lonely in this place


No one person has the same disguise
No other person can see through my eyes
These tears are mine, no other can cry
For no-ones like me, I am Unique

29.Wanderer@Rosario Dreams

My appearance shows nothing
I am deeper than you see
Outside I am trapped
But inside I am free


Don’t blend into the crowd
Dare to be unique
Who are you? Shout out loud
I’m different! I’m a freak!


Together we are content
In our dreams we are divine
Let our hearts beat in verse
Our breathing as one in time

32.Story of a father in Need

I walk the rough, in search of water
Just enough to get us by
Hungry and thirsty, Girl is my daughter
What did we do to deserve this life?


Has anyone ever told you?
What it’s like to be Deaf?
Ever wanted to see
How it is to be blind?
To live in a place of peace?
Or to exist in a world of darkness?

34. True Life

Let his voice sing loud from the lips of others
Hear his music play with the beat of our hearts
A true life now gone,
Let his legend live on
As he plays with the angels afar

Full versions available at
Rosario Dreams

If Beauty Was Based Upon Personality

Do not judge a book by its cover
Do not walk by those in need
Do not take life by its face value
Get to know the person inside

You see the wanderer on the street
Old clothes, a smell so rancid
You cross the street to avoid
And walk on by
The wanderer sees your move
He breaks down and cries
You have hurt him, bruised his ego
You can walk back and amend the wrong
Or you can resume your journey
The further away you travel the deeper you hurt him
The bruise before turns into a scar
The further you go the deeper the scar

Your conscience tells you to turn around
You begin to track your steps
The damage is done,
It’s harder to mend the relation after you have walked away
So far, the man’s no longer in sight
You persist to find the man
And you do

He puts his head down as you approach him
In shame
You put your hand on his shoulder
And with a smile of forgiveness
He look’s you in the eyes
Sorry is the hardest word to say
Yet it is the easiest to accept

What if you didn’t turn back?

You thought about turning back
But quickly resume your walk
The guilt fills your mind
You begin to imagine yourself in his shoes
With each step, you feel yourself changing
You reach your doorstep, and sit down
You feel so guilt ridden
You think why did you do it?
You feel this remorse
Yet you’re too proud to find the man

You open your eyes
And reach for your door keys
Surprised to find a hole in your pocket
You take off your blazer
Only to find it is a worn tatty jacket
You are confused,
You scratch you head only to find
That you have greasy, brittle hair
You knock away, panicked and confused
Asking your partner to open the door
You hear footsteps, relief wells inside
Only to find that the person who opens the door

Is the man that you hurt before.
You are now the wanderer

If you are heartless enough
To hurt and walk away
Break someone’s heart into pieces
Let others clean up the mess
Then maybe you will be a better person,
If you switched places
For the man with whom you have switched positions
He offers you a warm drink and a bed for the night

If beauty was based upon personality
What would you look like?

By Matthew Worth

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