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2006-11-19 04:27:03

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Whisper of the devil

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Night Light

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Infectious

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.A winter walk

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Lost Track

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Lets have some fun

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Ultra Trance

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Magical powers

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Good Day

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.SpiralDragon-Beware

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Her and I

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.techno midnight

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.metal and drums

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Snow Flakes

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Japan style!

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Forever me and you

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Evil still nice

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Dance so freely

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Patriotic-Fight

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Final stand

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Last since

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.My remix

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Spiral Dragon back again!

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.jungle

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Trance romances

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.New Grounds

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Time for play

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Our coexistance renewed

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.MoonShade

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.To a Girl

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Uber-Bass

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.SD-Out Blast

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Hanging on (Remix)

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Nuclear Rain

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.To the Wild-Side

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.SD Out-Burst-Remix

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.SD HardStyle Techno songs *Newest*

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Distant sea

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.The spiral effect

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Sorry were just friends

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Will you panic

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.The Stalker!

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Sweet dreams don't wake me

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.End of the World

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.8 white keys

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Defeating procrastination

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Psychedelic scintillations

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Take a second look

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Pachelbel's canon

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Thunder Storm

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Dragon vs Knight

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.In memory of her

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Raver Addiction

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Welcome to your demise

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Saw Theme Song Remix

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Super Planets

[Spiral Dragon]: 340.Beta

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Yeah Just alot of techno songs I have created useing FL-Studio 6XXL

If your looking new song try at the bottom.
I suggest that too because the older songs are not as good :S

2006-06-28 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Woah I looked at your page and just had a techno over load...hey that kinda rhymed. I do that all the time. Two rhymes in one comment WOOT!

2006-06-29 Spiral Dragon: lol thanks its all not just techno :P I like the metal one I have, which I think I might make a remix of... I don't know. lol so do you like dance music? rock?

2006-07-04 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Alright I'm gonna admit one of my deepest darkest secrets lol. I actually listen to quite abit of techno and this actually makes me quite happy. Your music would be great with like a girl singing softly over it to contrast the beats. Know what I mean?

2006-07-06 Spiral Dragon: Yah! I really want my girlfriend to sing but I'm having problems with importing or recording voices... I'll get it soon :)

Ah techno and dance music is my favorite, its so relaxing and it does make me happy ^^

2006-07-07 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Yah, I agree. Music that is dancable is the best. Most of my music can be danced to...at least i dance to it lol

2006-07-21 Spiral Dragon: lol yah ^_^

2007-08-21 najls: you are most certainly very productive and i have to say that i like what i'm hearing, even though techno isn't exactly my favourite kind of music. you clearly have a feel for the genre and that becomes even more evident in your latest songs. keep it up!

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