[Rolo]: 51.The Knife By My Side

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2005-08-22 11:58:47
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The Knife By My Side
I plan to re-record this this cause i feel it could be better, i'll get round to it soon..

2005-08-23 Moonknight: the melody is really nice and you have a very nice voice, this is very good ^_^

2005-08-25 Rolo: thank you! i did another version i thought it needed more emotion in the singing, i'll have to decide which ones better..

2005-08-25 Tyrana: You have such a beautiful voice! The lyrics are also very unconventional, and unique. I look forward to hearing the other one, too.

2005-08-30 Rolo: thank you so much! i've done the other one so i'll put it up and you guys can decided which is better

2005-09-04 exmember8: can't wait to hear the other version.
you got a really sweet voice. do you use Fisherman's Friend lozenges too?

2005-09-05 Rolo: lol! i had one of those once, didn't quite like it hehe. thank you for the compliment! i shall upload the other version now! (i'll force myself)

2005-09-13 ghost: Your voice is really beautiful. I very much like it.

2005-09-16 Rolo: thank you! *off i trundle to check out your dwelling* (house)

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