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Name: Calix Reneau

Band name: Primal Authority, Theta

Photo missing.

I am known as {og_ghost} on elftown, if you wish to see me there.


For one thing, I make Music Video's, using game footage. It's fun. I've uploaded a few of them here. You can view my music videos by clicking here: <joinforum:8:MusicVideos> (Music Videos)

I am the lead singer for a band called Primal Authority. It's a metal band, to be COMPLETELY technical about it, except that I hate metal music. So we make the kind of metal music that I like, which I suppose would be closer classified as progressive, considering my classical influences.

[jimmy] is the lead guitarist for Primal Authority. The drummer doesn't have an internet connection, and so is not on here yet.

1- Monster
2- Final Scream
3- Without
4- Ballad of Broken Hearts
5- Rape And Pillage
6- Me vs. Myself
7- Sweet Forbidden
8- Tainted
9- Goodbye, friend (57.Primal Authority.Goodbye, friend.Acoustic)

Unfinished/in development
10- Failure
11- Casualty of War
12- Cinderella
13- Ode to Mortality
14- Military Lady
15- Welcome Home
16- Postmortem Prelude
17- My Chaos
18- The Luckless
19- Asylum
20- Superhuman
21- Sleep is for the weak (57.Primal Authority.Sleep is for the weak.Calix - Guitar)
22- By the Sword
23- Left Behind
24- Orphaned Kittens in the Rain
I'm also working on a few piano pieces. 13, to be exact. One is actually a strings piece in disguise, because it's just easier to write it all on the piano. None have names yet. I also have a guitar piece that will be named Postmortem Prelude (not the same as the song above).

This is all in preparation for the soundtrack to my upcoming movie, (you guessed it) Postmortem Prelude.
Now, after death, we finally know what it means to live.

It isn't my only video project though.
1- Postmortem Prelude: an animation project I expect to finish sometime within the next 6 years.
2- Revolver: a short film I intend to finish within the next 3 months.
3- Ultimate Weapons Tournament: an animated series, to get me used to doing animation so that Postmortem Prelude doesn't totally suck.
4- Accursed Sonata: stand-in for Postmortem prelude that I'm using for experimental purposes.

if you would like to help on any of these, feel free to message me. Only people interested in putting in horrendous amounts of time and effort for no pay need apply within.

Meanwhile, I play the guitar. You can sample my unwieldy technique and compositions under 57.Misc.
My favorites include 57.Misc.Guitar Riff 12 and 57.Misc.Acoustic Guitar Riff 2.

Age: 23Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 1

Gender: male

Work: Student - aspiring game maker

Place of living: Los Angeled, California

Known languages

I'm on this site for other reasonsclassicalheavy metal
progressive metalrock


Idols: ZHANG ZIYI, and shiina ringo.

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