[ghost]: 57.Misc.Guitar Riff 4

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2006-02-17 19:45:30
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I know, I'm creating these slightly out of order, but nevermind that.

Anyway, this is the fourth thing that has gotten labeled "Guitar Riff", and it's something I'll probably use later for some sort of theme song... like, at the part where it says the studio name presents. :)

2006-02-18 honey bunny: that would make good opening for song

2006-06-16 Slycanthrope: o.0 Nice! Got a tab for it?

2006-06-16 ghost: I don't often write tabs. Why? Do you want it?

2006-06-16 Slycanthrope: Yes please! I never really play my electric, but it would definatly be cool to play your little riff man, it rawked!

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