[ghost]: 57.Misc.Sad Sad Kitty

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2007-09-26 23:44:34
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hey little kitty, maybe time ain't sittin pretty waiting for you to believe the end is near
and you're alone now just like all of us alone now waiting for the end of everything we know
You had a family, but now what's the worth of family, just so long as you can get the things you want
Don't you remember, maybe time's helped you forget, but no one ever did escape from who they are

Surrounded by the neon voices, the timbre of the lights that read so ominously
so empty in your musings, knowing everyone's abused and that it doesn't change a god-damned thing

it's you, it's just you, oh it's just you and the world you built
and me, it's not me, it's just the way that you made me feel
it's us, it's just us, it's just you and me and all we've broke
and we, there's no we, only dreams and forgetten hopes
and where does that leave, and what does it mean?

hey little lady, maybe love ain't heard of waiting, but it's gonna be the time of your life
now nothing's fair, nobody said it would would be fair, so you might as well be sure to do it right
you'll stand alone, you'll be left out, you'll be forgotten, and all your sacrifice will fade in the wind
you'll sleep afraid, they'll try to break you, make you change, but just take my hand and we'll make it end

confounded by the self-same choices, the shadows on the walls that watch so menacingly
so far from being over, seems we've only just begun, so let the world go crashing down if it wants!

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