[ghost]: 57.Theta.So Free

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2011-01-24 22:48:42
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So Free
Free to play
If there is more here, I don't know about it
and if there's a way out, I have yet to find it
and if there is someone with more than hate with them
I'd love to be wrong...

Show me that beauty that I've heard so much about
take me to where I can see beyond myself
Hold me closer until the darkness goes away

and I, oh I'd give anything to be
yes I, oh I'd give anything to be
so free

I have a dream, I cannot be moved
I cannot be turned, cannot be stopped
I am in control, I am what I choose
then I wake up...

you've seen that place, oh won't you take me there
I've lost my way and I can't take it anymore
I must believe that there is someway else to be

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