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11.The Everlast Song by [pixie_shimmer]

Can you describe your song?
- The Everlast Song is basically just a story. With bouncy music ^__^

What inspired you to make it? Do you think it shows?
- I think I just wanted to create something that would tell a story, and put images in people's heads. >_>

How was it made? What came first/last? How do your songs normally come about?
- I think the music came first for this song. Usually it happens the other way around for me. I created most of it in the one sitting, but I went back and changed a couple of things later before recording.

Which instuments/programs did you use? Why?
- umm...well to write it I just had a guitar. To record it we went to a semi-professional recording studio and I have NO idea what programs they used. There we had, guitar and bass guitar (both played by me) and drums ^__^

What are you most happy with? Why? Least happy with?
- I am most happy with the music of the song. I love sounds awesome :P I am also most unhappy with the music, because I made a mistake at the end there where I play the wrong chord and was too lazy to go back and re-do it...(plus I was nervous)

Any thing else you want to say about this song?
- The name came around because Jen Jen our drummer said it sounded like an Everlast song :P So that is what it was referred to and the name stuck :P

Do you think you have a clear style, and how would you describe it?
- No...I don't have a clear style. I just make songs :-)

Any favourite subjects you turn into music? Any artists/people/things that inspires you?
- hehe...favourite subjects >:-D
Boy and how they are jerks/good :P Depending on my mood and current disposition towards them of course. I have lots of favourite bands, though I dont feel they inspire me a whole lot musically...maybe Josie and the Pussycats for a while ^__^

What does your musical history look like? How did it start?
I passed a test when I was about 9 to get into the music program at school, but we couldn't afford a clarinet (which is what I wanted to play at the time).
I started learning guitar when I was 13 or 14 with a lady who taught it in a room under her house. It was learning chords, notes and tablature, and not music theory. I studied music all through highschool too. But I sucked :P

A favourite instrument? Can you play it?
- guitar of course! and for the most part I can play it :P

What would you wish for from the music-faerie?
- I would wish for a good, strong voice that is clear and sweet ^__^ Like a female Josh Groban...

Any future plans/aspirations?
- I wouldn't mind being in a band again one day. Just to play at pubs and parties and things.

A big thank you to [pixie_shimmer] for letting us feature her!

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