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MusMakers - Where composers upload their music

Entrance: <URI:>

On MusMakers you can upload your mp3s, midi-files or even movie so that others can download or play it on the web. It's all free and pretty simple (See the Song guide if you want to know how to upload your songs).

You can (should...) also comment on others' work and get new ideas from other genres.

Main features

<img:> Free Registration and Usage

<img:> Songs can be uploaded in albums and subalbums and they can be rated by other members. See Song guide!

<img:> Zero Popups

<img:> Minimal Advertisement

<img:> A customizable profile

<img:> Internal Messaging

<img:> Image storage and upload

<img:> A simple to use advanced wiki - A content-handling system with version and access control

<img:> Watching capabilities so that you get notified when something that you are interested in is updated.

<img:> Forums

<img:> Photo/Image Gallery

<img:> Links to members with similar interests

<img:> Searchable wikis, members, forum

<img:> Member Polls

<img:> World map generator by location

<img:> Creation of relations for networking and easily sharing of private content

<img:> Private, internal or external web blog/diary

<img:> Guestbook

<img:> Safe and secure site, no bot sniffers, email sniffers, spam, secret javascript programs, etc.

<img:> 24 Hour Moderation for content problems, unruly members, etc. Temporary and permanent banning protocols.

Entrance: <URI:>
Become a member: <URI:newuser.html>

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