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This Week's Featured Song

The 1st ever Featured Song interview on Musmakers! Enjoy!


13.Satesfied by [TheRogue]

Can you describe your song?
- A song about reassurance in times of struggle or tribulations. Making sure that the person knows that above all, they can depend on you to hold them up when they are feeling sad, and that they will do the same for you.

What inspired you to make it? Do you think it shows?
- My Girl Erin, who inspired me to make a song about how we feel about each other even when we couldn't be together.

How was it made? What came first/last? How do your songs normally come about?
- I wrote the song first, and then put music to it. They normally come out bad, wrong, and just more wrong. I generally don't finish alot of my music, or outgrow it, or decide it's too whiney, too silly, etc.

Which instuments/programs did you use? Why?
- Just my old classical guitar that works but barely because it's all I have. I used some bobo edit program to add elements I couldn't record otherwise, like backup vocals.

What are you most happy with? Why? Least happy with?
- I am more happy with the lyrics than I am the melody. It just doesn't seem finished to me. Least happy? probably the add-ons, and the fact that my guitar is out of tune, and that the recording sucks, and that I can't seem to get any time to work with it more.

Any thing else you want to say about this song?
-It's one of the only happy songs I've written.

Do you think you have a clear style, and how would you describe it?
-I don't have a clear style, it changes with my moods. Another frustrating aspect.

Any favourite subjects you turn into music? Any artists/people/things that inspires you?
- Mostly I used to write about pain and loss. Now I make more song parodies than anything. Everything inspires me. I simply lack the capacity to put it on paper and make it into a song...

What does your musical history look like? How did it start?
- My father played as a Mariachi, and played while I grew up. He lost a finger and couldn't play but I kept playing. Then I started performing in small bars, and ended up just doing karaoke and drinking beer, and playing music for my friends.

A favourite instrument? Can you play it?
- I play guitar, piano, some harp, etc.. my favorite instrument would be the shukahachi (japanese flute) i'm trying to play but i'm not any good at it.(might be the fact that it is a 1$ crappy bamboo flute that isn't even tuned right...)

What would you wish for from the music-faerie?
- The ability to absorb all forms of music, and play it on any instrument, and be able to get the words out and on paper along with good melodies.

Any future plans/aspirations?
- I would love to actually record professionally someday with all the accompaniements, and vocals and the stuff that makes the radio what it is.

A big thank you to [TheRogue] for letting us feature him!

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