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309.This Girl I Know by [Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]



Can you describe your song?
- It's a pretty simple pop song. No, screaming guitar solos or tapping haha. The only thing special about it was I wanted to get a little bit of a record feel to it so the whole song's a little gritty.

What inspired you to make it? Do you think it shows?
- Believe it or not a girl I know inspired me to make it. Big surprise there I'm sure. It's just that school yard love, you know what I mean. It's a kiddy love story.

How was it made? What came first/last? How do your songs normally come about?
- My songs always just flow from me at the moment I write them. I just pick up a guitar and start singing and playing and in like 5 minutes I have a song. When I go back to edit there usually isn't even that many changes that need to be made. What makes them more special is definitely the band contribution.

Which instruments/programs did you use? Why?
- I always use Acid Pro it's made for loops but I just do all my sampling live and it works out fine. And the intruments...hhmm. Well, with acoustic songs I usually like to keep it just guitar but with this one I decided to throw in piano and some backwards guitar and piano. It makes it a little more interesting.

What are you most happy with? Why? Least happy with?
- Uuuummm... The vocal recording is a little old. I hadn't finished singing lessons when I did it. So I might like to redo that but I actually think I'm ok with the way it sounds.

Any thing else you want to say about this song?
- Nah, I think we've made the song clear as possible.

Do you think you have a clear style, and how would you describe it?
- Oooo, good question. I sort of have a formulated response to that one haha. I always tell people we're 50's rock with modern pop influences. I think we stick pretty close to that style too. We tried to avoid any solos of any instrument and try to keep our arrangements full but minimalistic also. It's hard haha.

Any favourite subjects you turn into music? Any artists/people/things that inspires you?
- Well, my songs are usually about real situations either involving my friends or myself. My inspiration comes from all over the place though. I've been known to watch an episode of FRIENDS and then write a song about it haha.

What does your musical history look like? How did it start?
- Believe it or not I started on drums and learned from an old jazz musician but then my brother went to college and left his guitar so I taught myself to play. And I think the fact that I'm self taught and never took a guitar lesson in my life definately puts a twist on my music.

A favourite instrument? Can you play it?
- Hhhhmm....favorite instrument would have to be the ukulele haha. I can only play "Till There Was You" on it but I like to pretend I can play it.

What would you wish for from the music-faerie?
- Oh my god a Vintage Tweed-covered Stack haha like the kind from when rock was barely getting started.

Any future plans/aspirations?
- I just plan to keep making music and if that lands me sleeping in a gutter (which it probablly will) I'm ok with that

A big thank you to [Vintage Rhymes and Valentines] for letting us feature him!


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