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2005-07-29 17:15:42
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Welcome to Folk

Greetings fellow folk lovers and all random travellers who are swept into the path of this wiki! I have created a space for all those who are interested in, love playing/listening to or want to get involved in traditional folk music. Traditional music from all countries and nationalites are welcome (Irish, Scottish, English, Breton, American...)

This page will become snazy-er when I know how ^.^

I know that noting much is happening here yet, but if you are interested, could you please put your username below and, if you like, a bit about yourself (what you play/sing &c...)

Folk news

Username (or number or email):


2006-05-03 [AccOrDiOnS_ROCK]: Hi [Asfaloth]. finally found someone who likes trad. music on this site. lol

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