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HOWTO - Making a song private

You can use the forum <joinforum:7:cover> (Cover Songs). Otherwise you have to create a private forum. (related: creating a forum):
Go to the forum-list (press the button on top of every page).
Press the button "More options".
Go the the bottom of the page and to the Here you can create your own forum.-form.
Write a name and a description.
Option:You can write a password too.
Press create.

Now you will see the forum-list again. Remember the forum-number that your new forum has received!

Editing the song

Go to the song that you have uploaded. Press edit. There you will see:
Editable and viewable by whom?
Select one of the two last alternatives with "Viewable by forum only".

Forum # (Not needed for normal wiki-pages):
Fill out the number to your forum there. (Or 7, if you want to use the cover-forum.)

How to add people to your forum

You can list the member of the forum (from the forum-list=> more options) and then add every member that you want to be a member of that forum.

If you have set a password, another option is to write a link like <joinforum:4:awesomeness> (Ducky's Fanclub) and everyone that sees link can join the forum.

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