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2006-05-09 18:08:46
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Musmakers Competition Ideas

Here you can suggest possible ideas for future official Musmakers competitions. See Competitions and Musmakers Past competitions for an idea of what's been before.


Begin submissions here...

- Musmakers Slogan COmpetition

- Musmakers Collaboration Competition: There could be two prizes, maybe for best song and then best collaboration (going on how much work each member did/how well they worked together to produce the collaboration - as obviously someone can take a piece of already made music and change it somewhat - whereas some people may start from scratch to produce something)

- Best drum beat. (can then be used to bass line, to go with the drum keyboard piece to go with guitar riff to go with the end we could have a musmakers anthem :3)

- Best Christmas song or Easter song or tune or lyrics or whatever contests.. by the way, is this a contest o.0?

[Emily June]
- Songs with a Message: Maybe we can get people to create songs with a message. So no lovesongs etc., but about social problems, politics etc.


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2006-02-27 [pixie_shimmer]: heh...there is not much here :s

2006-02-27 [Emily June]: O well, at least you come up with some good ideas ;-) If more people get and stay online I think we could start a collaboration competition ;) Sounds like a good contest! I jus hope enough people will enter or even that they know how to work together via Internet! ^^

2006-03-04 [pixie_shimmer]: hehe ^_^ I will try and think of some more :) But yesss, a collboration competition would be good :) even people could write lyrics and a chord progression and give it to someone to play with :) There are heaps of ways you can collaborate ^_^

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