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Musmakers Graphics Main Page


Ok, we realize that a lot of us like to decorate our houses. But so many of you keep using images that break the Uploading Art Rules. So here's the idea. How about we all get together and create a page that contains graphics that you can put into your house?

On this page are images that you are allowed to put into your bio. But you still must follow these rules:

Rules of Use:

* Do not claim to be the artist of the image unless you are the artist
* Do not edit the image in any way
* Do not use the image outside of Musmakers (these were made specifically for Musmakers Members by Musmakers Members for use in Musmakers)

It would be nice if you also put underneath the image who the Musmakers Artist is, or at least a link back to this page somewhere in your bio, but it's not necessary.

Rules of Posting:

* The images MUST have been created by YOU
* The images must follow the Uploading Art Rules
* Please try to keep the images smallish (No bigger than 300x300 pixels)
* No animated .GIFs.
* Please, place your art in the appropriate MMG wiki section.
* Follow the general format other artists have used to post your content.
* Please divide your art from other artists' art with the <hr> tag.
*ARTISTS! No 'in-lining' of your images to Musmakers from other webspaces. Please, upload your art TO Musmakers. If you have any old art that is being in-lined to the galleries in this wiki's sub-galleries, then please upload them to Musmakers and take down the old links. If your images are too wide or tall to be uploaded to your house ask [pixie_shimmer] to give you the wiki-uploading privs.
* Obey all other Musmakers rules.




MMG Sections:
MMG Dividers - Lines, Dividers, and Page Breaks.
MMG Bullets - Bullets, Buttons, and Bits.
MMG Banners - Banners for Advertising Musmakers Graphics.
MMG Words - For images that contain only or mostly words and are not Welcome mats.
MMG Misc - A rather large selection of Miscellaneous images that do not belong to a catMMGory...yet
MMG Artists - A list of people that have directly contributed their art to Musmakers Graphics.

Related wiki pages you should visit:

Uploading Art Rules - Read this one. It contains Musmakers-wide rules for uploading art.
help - Go here if you need help or ask a question in the comment box below.

Thank Elftown's Calico Tiger (text),<-(^_^)->

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2005-06-24 [djxmonster]: GAH! We have no art! I command all artist to go and.... be artistic! Create, create, create! :P

2005-07-17 [Re-Creation]: No art.. aww.. I shall make some :)

2005-11-03 [pixie_shimmer]: I figure I am here often enough should anyone request uploading privs *^_^*

2006-03-10 [Ultiem]: [Firenze] gonna help making this site feel pretty lol

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