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2007-04-01 05:44:11
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Ultiem for Crew

Lets just say I am a damn good worker

Once upon a time in a land far far away. Corrupted Everlord EJoth first hit Elftown. Over time he learned of a very fun way, through his friend [Ihsahn], to piss off the Elftown Guards. This pestilence made me a master patroller there. Then I donated a banner for the uploading art rules, and also donated money. He later changed his name to [Ultiem].

During his race to the master patroller badge he made a spread to Elfpack. He then decided to test his meddle and decided to become a rat. Succeeding he grew bored he donated 31+ pieces of art. He got a spider badge because of this. He decided he wanted colors so he donated here as well getting his koala. Desiring yet another badge he donated 12 pieces of poetry as well. Through his continuous working made him a volunteer.

He migrated to Elf12 to assist in the upbringing of the would be inactive community where he created contests, art, and various other items. He gotten very powerful here and touched Elf12 in a unique way.

Finally making it to fake he came here. Not thinking much of it [Ultiem] left, only to appear rarely. This changed however when Kieli drafted [Ultiem] for council chores. She never realized what she did. One month later he went badge horny and 4 months later here he is. He made into one of the contractors by making multiple contests and updating several dead wikis. One of the police by seeking out and seeing that most child porn was erased. One of the artists by uploading bullets. Finally he decided he wanted colors here too, so he donated money.

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