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Monarcen  Songs 

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Name: Venom, Nemesis,... pick one

Band name: Monarcen


Promo pic for Mahlo Metsys. (Clockwise: Venom, Nemesis, Mayhem)

It was a very dark night in the depths of Spring Hill Florida. Nemesis, a content creature with ambitions toward what the world has never known, had been scheming viciously in his tomb for what his future will bare. Venom, a creature that contained a horrid cocaphonous scream, and an associate with the ambitious Nemesis, was informed of the schemes and a fire was lit.
During their journey through this path they had chosen they came across another creature of which the world had not accepted. Mayhem. Mayhem was an insane mindless force which had only one masterful purpose: To use his battle ax to the greatest extent of the human world. When he came into the mix with Nemesis and Venom, the "Lords of Martyrdom" were born.
This title was only short-ived after Nemesis and Mayhem renamed it "Monarcen" (our reasons are for us alone). The forces of Monarcen began to grow rapidly.

...tragedy struck....

Mayhem had vanished without a trace. But this did not stop Nemesis and Venom, the brutal forms of music will continue.

But a few month's later Mayhem reincarnated himself and helped a new formation of "Mahlo Metsys"!


Venom: Cocaphony, Studded Mace

Nemesis: Warhammer, Scripture

Mayhem: Battle ax


"Necronomicon Revisited" 

The first inspiration was the abnormal tales of the great Necronomicon. The songs we've put on it pay tribute to old novels and short stories relating to the necronomicon...

Danse Macabre:
Lyrics: Nemesis
Music: Nemesis
Theme: Rituals can bring things back from the dead.

Cthulhu Rising:
Lyrics: Nemesis
Music: Nemesis
Theme: Tribute to the Great God Cthulhu, and the Cthulhu Mythos

"The Superior Chaos"

The Superior Chaos is a concept album thought up by Nemesis. It's about two clans of soldiers: The Fiends and The Tyrants. The Tyrants are a wandering army of nobels who are searching for their own land and come across the island of the Fiends. There is a battle for the control of the island which the Tyrants win, but a power struggle erupts and civil war defeats them, leaving the island vacant and unknown to society...

Embark the Tainted Paradise:
Lyrics: N/A
Music: Nemesis, Mayhem
Theme: Intro Instrumental for the arrival of the Tyrants to the island of the fiends.

Domination Lust:
Lyrics: Nemesis
Music: NemesisTheme: The passion for dominace and gaining more and more.

Empires left in the dark
Lyrics: Nemesis
Music: Nemesis
Theme: The closing track after both armies meet their demise.

Fall to Depravity
Lyrics: Nemesis
Music: Nemesis
Theme: The Tyrants destroy themselves, and the Island is left to be discovered...

Cover Songs:

Deathcrush - Mayhem
Chainsaw Gutsfuck - Mayhem
Freezing Moon - Mayhem
Dig up Her Bones - Misfits
Burn in Hell - Dimmu Borgir (originally twisted sister)

Extra Info:

-All cocophonic vocals performed by Venom
-All musical recordings were recorded in the realm of Nemesis.
-Drums on "Embark the tainted Paradise" are artificial.
-All fantasy concepts created by Nemesis.
-All literary fiction uses adapted by Nemesis.
-Monarcen specializes in the innapropriate use of the following equipment...

-Mic from Target (Venom
-Johnson Bass- (Venom)
-Ibanez GR (Nemesis)
-Kay Strat (Nemesis
-Line 6 amp (Nemesis)
-cheap ass karaoke machine (them)
-Sansa 1gb mp3 player/recorder (Nemesis)

Note: All of Monarcen's recordings thus far were recorded via mp3 player, our sound quality is poor but please try and listen beyond that. A real recording session is currently being scheduled with koyfknah.

Age: 83Year of birth: 1927Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 20

Gender: male

Work: the teachings of the unknown earth

Place of living: the depths of Spring Hill

Known languages

experimentalheavy metalprogressive metal

drumsbass guitarguitar

Idols: Megadeth, Cradle of filth, Kreator, Children of Bodom, Behemoth, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Venom, Celtic Frost

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