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Calliope (Musmakers Audiocast)

Member #374 created: 2006-10-07 16:07:39Simple URL:   

Name: Angie


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I'm a wanna be musician with absolutely no talent XD

MusMakers Audiocast

 Go here for further information on live internet radio as well as how to join, tune in, or have your music played.


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  Want to tune in? Just open Windows Media Player, Winamp, or whichever program you use, select File > Open URL and paste in Click play and you're on your way!

  If you would like to request feel free to message me or email your requests to

***Note: I do play MusMakers songs. If it's free for useage or they've okayed the song at the Audiocast Song List then I would be happy to play it for you.***

If you wish to find me on Elftown my username there is Blaithin

Age: 19Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 8

Gender: female

Work: Anthro student

Place of living: Canada

Known languages

I'm on this site for other reasonsclassicalcountry
new ageoperapop

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