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2006-11-25 17:22:02
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Audiocast Song List

United – MusMaker Guidelines

1. Only song’s that have been approved by the artists will be played on the station.

2. If listeners wish to have a copy of a MusMaker’s song for themselves it must first be approved by the artist before DCC or other downloading method is allowed.

3. Any potential DJ’s from MusMakers for United must follow the criteria set out at if they wish to be a DJ.

4. MusMaker and current listeners will all be subject to the same treatment in the chatrooms and on the request lines. Unsuitable conduct will not be tolerated.

Songs Approved for Play

[Orestez]: 22.The Final Step

[Orestez]: 22.Nane

[Orestez]: 22.Morph

[Orestez]: 22.ZS One

[Orestez]: 22.Digital Neptune

[Orestez]: 22.Get Heavy

[Orestez]: 22.A Child Inside

[Orestez]: 22.Musmakers Remix

[Orestez]: 22.Ambience Remix

[Orestez]: 22.Kiera

[Orestez]: 22.Wake up remix

[Orestez]: 22.Hallucinate

[Orestez]: 22.Rhellyn

[Harmless]: 359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off - Jelle gaat Lekker

[Harmless]: 359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off - Herb Song

[Harmless]: 359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off Live - Skarea 51

[Harmless]: 359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off Live - Reflection

[Harmless]: 359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off Live - Protect

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.Watch The Lights

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.This Girl I Know

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.Underneath This Tree

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.When She Wakes Up

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.Weight And Sea

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.Ship Wreck

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.It's Raining Outside

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.I Still Want You

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.Prescott

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.Suits Her Just Fine

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]: 309.I Want You Gone

[Destination Darkness]: 352.DestinationDarkness.DownToEarth

[Destination Darkness]: 352.The Last Sundown

[Destination Darkness]: 352.Come For Me

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