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Name: Enoch, Anthony, Meg, Mac, Jesse

Band name: One Night In Drive


(From Left to Right:)
Guitar/Vocals:Meg Woods, Ex-guitar: Alex Odell, Screaming/Vocals: Enoch Haney, Drums: Anthony Dunaway, Bass: Jesse Silva.

About One Night In Drive:
   Back in May, 2008, there was the idea to form a band. After a few weeks of jamming together and finding different musicians, on June 10, 2008 One Night in Drive was founded.

How We Met:
   Enoch Haney and Anthony Dunaway are long time friends and have worked together making music for years. When Anthony proposed starting a band, Enoch was eager to participate. Meg Woods and Anthony met at NEO A&M College in 2007. They worked together previously in a band called Edgewood, but the members moved off during the summer of 2008 and this lead to the idea of starting a new band. We now had a singer, a drummer, and a guitarist; but we still fell short a few members. Meg called around to find fellow musicians that might be interested in starting a band and one of the people she found was Jesse Silva. Jesse and Meg met a while ago, back in late 2006, through a mutual friend. Jesse was interested in jamming with everyone for a while, so we set up in Jesse's garage and started playing improvisional music. Jesse blew us away with his shredding skills, especially when he told us he'd only been playing for 6 months. Everyone was impressed, and he was accepted into our little jam band. We came up with a band name on one late-night drive to Grove after an afternoon of jamming. So, at this point, we had singer, a drummer, two guitarists and a band name.

We were officially One Night in Drive.

   The four of us played together for a few weeks before Jesse stumbled onto the ability to play bass. This was perfect!! Jesse was just a natural. So, we now considered ourselves to be complete: we had a singer, a drummer, a guitarist, and a bassist. We began recording on a cheap voice recorder and started a Myspace. This brings us to today, where we still jam two or so times a week just making up new songs and having a great time.

   We're pretty much the best of friends right now and we hang out practically everyday. We know we still need some work, and definitely some new gear, but we have a lot of fun together, and we all agree that's the most important thing!

About the Members:
Enoch Haney has been singing and screaming for 4 years. He's 21 years old and lives in Grove, OK.

Anthony Dunaway has been playing Drums for 4 years. He's 20 years old and lives in Quapaw, OK.

Meg Woods has been playing guitar for 5 years. She's 17 years old and lives in Miami, OK. She's a college sophomore at NEO A&M College, studying Natural Sciences. She plans to be a Marine Biologist. Her hobbies include a whole bunch of random stuff like playing guitar, skateboarding, hardwire electronics, HTML, scuba diving and Digimon. She's pretty much a nerd-- Oh! And she loves Pirates. =]

Jesse Silva has been playing guitar for 7 months. He's 16 years old and lives in Miami, OK. He's a sophomore at Miami High School. Some of his hobbies include playing guitar, skating, watching pokemon and sleeping, among other things.

Mac Jessup has been playing guitar for 3 years. He's 18 years old and lives in Miami, OK. Mac graduated Miami High School in 07, and plans to attend NEO A&M in the Fall. .

Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 1

Gender: both

Work: Work study, Student

Place of living: Grove, Miami, Quapaw; Oklahoma

Known languages


drumsbass guitarguitar

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