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rjcofell  Songs  (Another demo, savage garden Oct 28 2009)

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Name: Rob


Okay... I admit it... I'm a little squinty eyed... This is Rock'N'Roll after all!

I love and live for music.

I've played guitar since I was 12.
When I was 14 I started writing songs... at least I thought they were songs.
I've definitely improved tons over the years in that regard.

I've played in a few rock bands in Toronto over the years. Doing covers and originals.

I have cubase and record at home as well as my band mates fully stocked pro studio.

I have a lot of back catalog just sitting here doing nothing and would love to share it and get feedback.

I also go under madhalf on ET and EP

I currently have 3 songs on here. My most resent demos. I hope you enjoy. At some point I'll try to get lyrics and more info for them but right now I'm exhausted and need some sleep before work lol.

I'll be back soon.

And I'm a little sad about how quiet this place is...
But I'll do my best to make some noise!

Age: 113Year of birth: 1901Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 22

Gender: male

Work: Musician, artist

Place of living: Toronto, ON, Canada

Known languages


bass guitarguitarkeyboard

Idols: Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Bob Dylan, Band, Sex Without Souls, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the end is listless...

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