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Name: Paul Grimwood


My name is Paul,I live in England.I am a Songwriter and write and record my own songs.I am an internet only musician.
so far I have had 12 number 1 chart hits on various music sites,in just over 2 years.I have a major my space page,with over 850 friends..and JEFFERSON STARSHIP asked to be MY friend!!
of course I accepted!!My first chart number 1 was with a song I wrote and recorded called KINGFISHERS HEARTBEAT,it got to number 1 on a chart of over 8thousand songs,was so proud!!
Music to me is NOT about money(but its useful!!)..Its about achievement and fun,meeting other musicians,talking music..and LIVING music.

I have also been interviewed on a major folk music site.The biggest record label in Africa want me to join their roster of world musicians to tour Africa,so i need a road manager..I CANNOT DRIVE!!
I would LOVE to join MUSMAKERS,I have some beautiful songs for others to listen to,and would like to listen to other peoples songs.
My songs range from folk to new age,pop to folk fantasy,classical through to soft rock.instrumental and ballads.I even wrote a fun RAP SONG..that got to number 2!! on a music site.

My music is melodic,haunting,sad songs and love songs.Best wishes-Paul

Age: 57Year of birth: 1954Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 8

Gender: male

Work: temp

Place of living: The midlands

Known languages

folk musicnew agepop

bass guitarguitarkeyboard

Home-page URL:

Idols: Dan Fogelberg,Chris Rea,Joni Mitchell,Iain Matthews.

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