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Name: Dodi Stedman

Band name: Lawton

Photo missing.

Joe Stedman... lead vocals & acoustic guitar.
Mike Duplessis... lead guitar & backing vocals.
Tarn Petty ....bass guitar.
Aaron Bonenfont ....drums

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Joe Stedman... lead vocals & acoustic guitar.
Mike Duplessis... lead guitar & backing vocals.
Tarn Petty ....bass guitar.
Aaron Bonenfont ....drums

If you’ve seen Lawton perform you know what they are all about. If not, seeing is believing. Lawtons mission is to make every person who comes to a show feel as though they are a part of the band. After all, the audience is as much a part of the performance as the performers themselves. Featuring 7000 watts of sound reinforcement, full stage lighting, and a ferocious energy, Lawton gives its fan what they want, a concert.

Lawton is not a typical rock band. You won’t get any “kill your mother” songs from Lawton, but you won’t get any “dancing with angels” songs either. What you will find is four seasoned musicians who write songs that mean something to them and hopefully touch a part of your soul as well.

Lead singer Joe Stedman

Joe has released several CD’s with various bands and played venues with notable acts like Tantric, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd and Whitesnake.

Lead guitarist Mike Duplessis

Mike is a mystery. Rumored to have been born to a pack of wolves somewhere in the foothills of northern Maine, he was found at the tender age of five in a bar holding nothing but a smile, a fully grown pornstache, and a guitar…… where he got the smile from, no one knows. Mike was taken in by the Duplessis family where he learned how to play guitar before he could speak English. Before that time he communicated with a series of grunts and barks, and sometimes still does. His influences are Southern Comfort, Budweiser, and the full moon.

Bassist Tarn Petty
Tarn started playing rhythm guitar 15 years ago. He’s been involved in bands most of that time playing everything from classic rock to 80’s metal. His influences include Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, Guns -N- Roses, The Doors and much more. This is the first time Tarn has played bass in a band and he is “psyched” about the opportunity to expand his musical horizons.

Drummer Aaron is a dynamic drummer with lots of energy and flair! He fits right in to Lawton and our philosophy with performance and music.

Age: 46Year of birth: 1964Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

Work: Management, Booking And Promo

Place of living: Palmyra, Maine

heavy metalprogressive metalrock

Idols: many

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